Who We Are

At Allpro Parking, we do more than just park cars.

Since April 2000, Allpro Parking has been steadily evolving from a local start-up parking operation with one parking facility into a nationally recognized regional-sized parking and transportation company with operations in thirteen cities in three states (Locations). We currently operate and manage 140+ locations totaling over 64,000 parking spaces, and we employ more than 500 people who are all dedicated to service excellence.

At Allpro Parking, we have taken a very tactical approach to our new business development and expansion initiatives. Geographically, it is important to recognize the limits within which we can effectively manage. Fiscally, we are strategic entrepreneurs who make calculated decisions that will continue the success of our brand. Culturally, we are always looking for the right relationships and operational fit where we can make an immediate positive impact on the asset, both fiscally and aesthetically. From a human capital perspective, our management team is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, and we are always looking to recruit (Jobs Board) and train the best talent for the future. Our boutique-like approach to our operations ensures that we remain focused and loyal, credible and accessible, and above all – ethical and accountable.

In 2012, Allpro Parking was named the Crystal Award Winner for large-sized companies by the Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Association (BNBEA). This first place award acknowledges our consistent high quality services, ethical business practices, safe work environments, employee buy-in and commitment, and our participation in numerous civic endeavors. In the same year, we received the "Outstanding Employee Culture" award from the Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association (BNHRA), exemplifying our charitable participation in our communities, and showcasing our dedication to our employees through various benefit offerings, recognition programs, staff events and training opportunities.

Experience the Professional Difference® with Allpro Parking

"Experience the Professional Difference" is not just a registered trademark for Allpro Parking - it is the premise upon which Allpro Parking was founded. We are fully committed to the belief that parking services can be delivered in a much more inviting atmosphere by incorporating greater customer service, conveniences and amenities, clean well-lit facilities, attractive signage, friendly and accommodating staff, functioning equipment, and above all, fair pricing. The proof is evident in both our astounding growth history and our nearly perfect record of location retention.

We strive to make the parking experience easier and more convenient to our customers by offering such options and services as credit card acceptance at virtually every location, easy online and/or direct debit payment options for monthly parking permits, parking reservations online, pay-by-cell options, and of course, a variety of valet parking experiences.

Quality Care Begins at the Curb® with Allpro Parking

"Quality Care Begins at the Curb" is another trademark of Allpro Parking that helps to exemplify our commitment to safe, efficient, and high quality valet parking services. This slogan is likely more prevalent in our Allpro Parking for Healthcare division where we valet park thousands of cars daily in a multitude of hospitals and medical facilities within our portfolio. Allpro Parking for Healthcare was inspired by the unique conditions and requirements associated with parking in a healthcare setting. All of our employees – from the executive level to our parking Allpros – fully understand the distinct nature of healthcare parking, and are committed to delivering the best service while making patient satisfaction their first priority.

Contracts to Meet Your Needs

We provide top-of-the-line service, whether it is a surface parking lot, parking garage, healthcare complex, airport parking, commuter rail parking, special event and sporting venues, hotel valet parking, transportation services, and/or enforcement. We provide full service parking facility management, consulting and site planning, facility maintenance, parking mitigation during construction projects, and shuttle services. Our valet parking services are customized for virtually every requirement from hospitality, medical facilities and office complexes to private parties, banquets and major events.