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1. Payment is due by the 1st business day of the month.  Any outstanding accounts on the 5th day of the month will be charged a late fee.  Allpro Parking reserves the right to suspend or cancel the monthly agreement at any time, and/or tow vehicle (at customer’s expense) if customer is in breach of terms and conditions herein.  Allpro Parking also reserves the right to charge the daily rate for breach of terms.

2. Allpro Parking reserves the right to suspend or cancel the monthly agreement at any time, for any or no reason, upon thirty (30) days written or e-mailed notice to patron.

3.  Forms of payment accepted: IN-STATE CHECK, MONEY ORDER, and CREDIT CARD.  Any returned check will be assessed a RETURNED CHECK FEE.  Allpro Parking reserves the right to decline acceptance of check if two or more returned checks have been received from any customer.  To insure proper credit of payment, please notify this office of any changes of address, phone number, etc. as soon as possible.  CREDIT CARD payments will only be accepted on-line or by calling our main office; do not fax or mail account numbers.

4.  Each monthly parking account will be assessed a one-time, non-refundable ACTIVATION FEE. This fee includes the cost of account set-up and monthly parking permit (hangtag, sticker, and decal) and the issuance of an access credential or hands-free tag if applicable.  If any permit or access credential is damaged through no fault of the user, it will be replaced free of charge if returned to Allpro Parking.  If permit or access credential is lost or stolen, a new one will be issued with the payment of a replacement charge.  Upon cancellation all access credentials and/or hands-free tags are to be returned to Allpro Parking in good working order within 30 days.

5.  Cancellation of your monthly parking agreement must be submitted in online, by e-mail, or in writing and sent to Allpro Parking, LLC, at least ten (10) business days prior to effective calendar month or you will be responsible for all applicable payments.  Notification of cancellation by telephone will not be accepted.  Allpro Parking, LLC does not issue refunds if cancellation takes place in the effective month.

6.  Monthly Parking Permits are issued on a calendar month basis.  NO REFUNDS, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, SHALL BE ISSUED AT ANY TIME.  Parking rates and/or terms and conditions may be subject to change, and such changes shall be posted in full view at the location 10-days prior. Allpro Parking is not obligated to individually notify customers of rate or terms and conditions changes.

7. Monthly parking does not guarantee the availability of a space; although every effort will be made to accommodate parking (it may be necessary to leave your ignition key).  Should no space be available, please see attendant for alternative parking.  EVENT PARKING is NOT included with your monthly pass.

8.  Parking is permitted only in those spaces or areas that are NOT designated as reserved or restricted use unless you have paid for or qualify for same.  If you park in a reserved space not your own, or a restricted area for which you do not qualify, you may be issued a parking violation and/or have your vehicle towed.  Repeated occurrences will result in loss of monthly parking privileges. 

9.  Monthly permits (where applicable) must be clearly displayed at all times as directed by Allpro Parking so that the numbers are visible from outside the vehicle.  Any vehicle not displaying a monthly permit will be subject to pay the posted daily rate. Transfer of a monthly permit or access credential to another vehicle is prohibited unless that vehicle is listed on our records as an alternate. Transfer of a monthly permit or access credential to another person is also prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in loss of monthly parking privileges.  

10.  Permits are only valid for the location for which they are designated.  If the same permit number is found on more than one vehicle, or if a permit is used to admit more than one vehicle at a time to the parking facility, or if any misuse is determined, that permit will automatically be deemed invalid without refund.

11.  Parking patrons must park within one space as delineated at the facility.  Parking patrons must also obey other location specific regulations such as compact car spaces, no parking zones, handicapped designated spaces, electric vehicle parking spaces, fuel efficient only spaces, etc.  Vehicles are not permitted to block entrances, exits, fire lanes and other parked cars.  Violators will be issued violation tickets and/or be towed at owner’s expense.

12.  This Agreement is for the licensed use of a parking space and Allpro Parking is not responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle caused by fire, theft, collision or any other cause to or damage to the vehicle or its contents. 

13. Overnight parking is prohibited.  Vehicles left unattended for 24 or more hours are subject to removal at the discretion of the Operator.