Parking Management

As both a service provider and revenue producer educational institution parking programs require the latest technology and proven industry best practices to meet the ever changing demands of their users. Our approach to providing a workforce that integrates seamlessly into the academia environment requires proper training and development of each ambassador.

Our operating plans incorporate enforcement, permit issuance and fee collection, traffic management, and maximizing use of space. With most campuses having a limited amount of space to serve staff, faculty, and students which in some cases are many times that of the actual space proper management and allocation is a must. Our seasoned professionals have the expertise to deliver on those commitments.

Our industry specific accounting systems offer institutions the control and audit compliance they require. Consistent with Allpro Parking’s commitment to integrity, we instituted financial and accounting oversight the first day Allpro Parking came into existence. Operational procedures and internal audits serve as checks and balances to enhance our processes and improve our controls. Every level of management is held accountable for the accuracy of the financial information.