Allpro Parking for Healthcare fulfills the desire to provide parking services with a heightened sensitivity to patient and family needs. Knowing patients and family view the experience of care in its entirety not as a separate component, thus environmental aspects of care (valet and other services) all tie together to create the experience. Allpro Parking for Healthcare extends training to include AIDET and CAHPS thus increasing the ability for improved patient outcomes.

Parking Management
As healthcare continues to see increased numbers in patients and visitors most healthcare providers are experiencing availability limits when it comes to their parking assets...Read More
Facility Maintenance

Keeping the parking facility well-maintained not only establishes a positive customer impression, it also helps minimize liability claims and aids in extending the life of the parking structure...Read More

Valet Parking

Allpro Parking understands that providing valet parking services in a healthcare environment requires specialized training and operating methods and more importantly...Read More

The movement of employees/staff from off-site parking is critical in the relieving of overcrowding. Our drivers are trained for safety and customer service. From assisting ...Read More

Meeting the requirements of the healthcare environment Allpro Parking adapts the latest technologies to aid in the efficient collection of revenues while providing the necessary analytics...Read More